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Residence at Serrano Trail

Stationed amidst the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, the Residence at Serrano Trail is an under-construction 7,000-SF single-story home sited on a plot in the San Manuel Reservation. Established in 1891, the 800-acre reservation is home to the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, a tribe of the Serrano people; our client, a younger member of the tribe, was awarded the land after a lengthy wait-list process.

Spread out over a relatively small 26,000 SF building site, the home is split into two bent wings connected by a small entry foyer in the structure’s middle. Underneath the main level is a comprehensive concrete basement, designed to contain a game room, sauna, bathroom, various mechanical spaces, and a semi-open courtyard.

The ground floor programming is split by the two wings: the division closet to the road contains a 4-car garage and workshop that leads to three living areas, while the inner wing will hold a kitchen, living and dining spaces, as well as the master suite, all of which overlook a back patio covered by an overhanging trellis and complete with pool and Jacuzzi.

The exterior will mainly be clad in a series dark bronze aluminum panels, a scheme similar to the one used in Double Stick, The Bronze House on Nightingale, and Siena Way Residence.

Currently under construction, the expected completion date for the Residence at Serrano Trail is late 2021.