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Mandeville Residence

Minimal mountain hideouts are our favorite, and when offered the chance to modernize a classic 1950s cottage in Mandeville Canyon we jumped. The client, who had lived in the home for over three decades, loved her space, but after 60 years time had begun to leave its mark; the simple, secluded retreat now felt worn, a bit dark, and worst of all: outdated.

More than a simple renovation, our work was a drastic re-imagination of the home, gutting the interior of all that was unnecessary, and introducing materials to the exterior that paired more naturally with the landscape than those used on the previous façade.

The frame of the home was kept intact but we removed a series of walls that weren’t particularly intuitive, and although no square footage was ultimately added the excess area gained created an overwhelming impression of livable space. New windows and much-needed skylights also contribute to the open atmosphere.

Inside, we worked closely with the client on material upgrades: dark bamboo flooring, Caesarstone, stainless and laminated glass kitchen countertops, and Artemeide sconces throughout. We added a rear window system of Fleetwood sliding glass that opens out to a pool and Brazilian IPE hardwood deck.

Outside, we clad the façade in dark-stained redwood, and remade the roof out of standing seam metal, painted a deep brown to gracefully match Mandeville Canyon’s rustic tones and hues.